About Us

Xantic Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd (Xantic Malaysia) is an independent software and support company.

Xantic Malaysia entry into marine software begins in 2001 with the establishment of the office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Xantic main core focuses in support and services were originated from the products which they carried as agent for Spectec Asia Pacific Pte Ltd which is called Amos Business Suite, a ship management software solution which was built back in 1985 in Oslo, Norway, by Spectec.

The Amos Business Suite Solution offers a user friendly and comprehensive package of software services and products that help seafarers monitor and manage the daily operations of their fleet of vessels. All in all, it has almost 12,000 ships that are installed with Amos Products and Xantic Malaysia is Spectec’s local support and services arm in the country whilst outsourcing its services to the region if any.

We continuously provide professional services and support (even onsite services) to satisfy customer’s requirements and we help customers to monitor their performance management upon inception of the solutions. Based on the knowledge and experiences gained from the principal solution (Spectec’s Amos Business Suite), Xantic Malaysia expands and shares with their know-how in detail with customers in a hands-on training and development of a custom-made service portfolio from the beginning of the implementation schedule.

Xantic Malaysia offers specialized services in training, consulting, ongoing support, annual upgrades, customization and software maintenance/housekeeping. Xantic also offers database services and user licenses at discounted partner prices.

In conclusion, our services and project management skills in implementing software solutions is our core business and our approach in guiding the customer to a successful implementation is our key performance indicator. We care and listen to our customer’s requirements.

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